What are car detailing services? The foundational meaning of interior and exterior car detailing includes thoroughly cleaning a car. However, when it’s done correctly by professionals, detailing can provide you with more than thoroughly washing and cleaning a vehicle.

For many of us, car detailing remains a chore that many want to do but often put on the back burner. Others genuinely enjoy automotive detailing as a part of car ownership. Whichever you resonate with, you can take care of your car yourself or find the right car detailing prices and services from a professional.

Although you may initially write off professional car detailing services—after all, many people still believe detailing is nothing more than a fancy cleaning job—doing things yourself takes significant time. When you choose an expert team like ours from Valet Spa, you can also select premium car detailing. What does this level of service include? Read on to learn more.

Hand Washing

Professional car detailing services can inspire happiness and comfort, leaving clients smiling from ear to ear. However, Valet Spa offers hand washing as a part of our Premium service packages. Why wash by hand?

Hand washes offer your vehicle increased care and more thorough cleaning. This service provides you with an expert, personalized touch, working to clean and protect automotive paint. Valet Spa has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to remove traffic film rapidly and grease with our TFR (Traffic Film Remover) service, including washing and drying often neglected door jambs, shuts, and sills.

While some vehicle owners choose automatic washes for time and convenience, hand washing offers the extra care and detail a vehicle needs to increase its aesthetic longevity and paint integrity.

Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Alloy wheels are one of the most common types of wheels on our roads today. Most vehicles ship with clear-coated alloy wheels, but some drivers customize their vehicles with custom, aftermarket polished alloy wheels and rims. Although polished aluminum alloy is a premiere material, the finish on the surface of the rim can fade or pit over time.

Cleaning and polishing alloy wheels remain essential to protect rims and the rest of a vehicle. This Premium package service from Valet Spa increases the beauty and longevity of alloy wheels. Our professional service package is the ideal solution to get the most out of your investment while taking pride in your vehicle.

Once we finish hand washing the outside of your car and cleaning the wheels, our pros dress the tires. This process involves restoring a natural black coloring and preventing surface degradation. This helps your car both look and feel great on the road.

Interior Upholstery, Glass, and General Cleaning

Caring for your car’s interior is just as crucial as the exterior. Surface cleaning alone just isn’t enough.

Professionals from Valet Spa provide upholstery vacuuming to remove debris, dirt, and grime from your interior surfaces before going back to clean interior and exterior glass, as well as your dashboard and center console areas.

Glass cleaning remains crucial for safely operating a vehicle. Not only can this attention to detail make your windscreen look beautiful and sparkling, but the Premium package solutions from Valet Spa ensure the driver’s view remains clean.

To learn more about our locations, services, and how Valet Spa Premium packages can leave your car looking brand new again, contact our friendly, expert team today for additional information.