One of the most common questions customers ask car detailers is, “What is the average time to detail a car?” Unfortunately, this is never a clear-cut answer. Professional car detailing services depend on various factors and can also differ from car to car.

Car detailing covers all aspects of cleaning and protection, no matter how large or small the job is. Professional car detailing services like Valet Spa rely on experience while utilizing specialized techniques, supplies, and tools, to clean and protect everything on your vehicle’s inside and outside. Experts offer service owners cannot achieve with standard car cleaners.

Detailing extends the life of your vehicle and keeps it looking, smelling, and feeling fresh. You can search for a quick “interior car detailing near me” that takes two hours. Alternatively, an extensive interior and exterior car detail could take up to two days before completion.

The average time to detail a car comprehensively ranges between four and seven hours. What do you do while waiting for the experts to finish caring for your vehicle? Valet Spa has some ideas.

Valet Spa Convenient Mall Locations

Our professional car detailing service chooses to conduct business near malls and other centralized shopping locations to provide Valet Spa clients with entertainment and excitement. At the same time, they allow us to care for their vehicles.

Shopping malls are an American tradition with attractions like shopping and eating. Although many people think the mall is dated, these shopping-oriented locales allow consumers to entertain themselves and get hands-on time with products in a comprehensive, in-person experience.

Retail Therapy

When most of us think about shopping malls, we correlate this idea with simply shopping. Retail therapy offers consumers an exciting way to raise their spirits. No matter your mood, modern-day shopping malls provide the latest and most outstanding products with premium stores in the best urban and suburban locations.

You can leave your car with the Valet Spa team while checking out the latest tech and fashion items. With such a large selection of products to choose from, you’ll have nearly limitless options that could spur an impulsive, to-go purchase to pair with your fresh, clean ride.

Limitless Entertainment

One of the best things about modern shopping malls is they provide far more than traditional shopping options. Malls today focus on entertaining their patrons. You can browse big-box providers or visit fun, interactive pop-up shops that offer games and activities to win discounts and other benefits.

Mall locations additionally include movie theaters inside and near their stores. We all can appreciate catching the latest films on the big screen to take a break from shopping or pass the time while receiving professional car detailing services.

Check Gifts Off Your List

Despite the correlation between the mall and shopping as a generalized task, modern shopping centers can offer far more than just browsing products. As the holidays, birthdays, or graduations approach, many patrons frequent these locations as the go-to for finding gifts.

During the fall holiday season, many product providers will offer in-person, seasonal discounts that shoppers cannot find online. These promotions bring traffic into the physical stores while helping shoppers make smart holiday purchases to check items off their lists. You might even discover selections that are only available during these specific times.

Use Your Social Time to Exercise

We’ve all seen the mall walkers in the early hours of a mall opening. Although not many of us think about the mall to get our daily exercise regimen in, walking the length of a large shopping center remains one of the most underrated options a mall can provide.

With their large size, most malls can offer at least 30 minutes of brisk exercise. Some individuals choose to incorporate this into a social routine with friends.

Moreover, shopping malls can allow you to have fun with your friends and family. Although publications write much about the decline of shopping malls in the American lexicon, shopping with those close to us in premium locations remains an activity that never goes out of style. The modern mall offers us all an opportunity to spend time together.

Take in a Meal

After doing a round of shopping to gauge their interest in the latest items, mall shoppers often head to the food court for a bite. Modern food court choices are extensive as well. From Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries to Kona Grill and Nobu, you can find a restaurant at Valet Spa locations to suit your tastes.

All the walking around the mall while shopping and exercising probably has you tired. While your choice of restaurant or cafe may depend on your unique tastes, most of these providers offer sitting areas where you can take a break from the hubbub.

Take in a meal while leaving your car, truck, or van in the hands of a professional detailing team. You can experience premium car detailing services while enjoying a premium dining experience at one of our numerous mall-based locations featuring the best restaurants available in a shopping center.

Pass the Time – Care for Yourself While We Care for Your Car

Car detailing is a popular method of cleaning, not to mention protecting everything inside and outside your car. Professional detailing experts like Valet Spa use optimal, specialized tools and supplies that achieve results that standard options cannot match.

From any provider, the average time to detail a car will vary. That said, it remains essential to maintain your car’s value and aesthetics to remove dirt and debris while protecting the finish. You could search for “exterior and interior car detailing near me,” or choose a proven company with a track record of success with locations in premium shopping and entertainment spots like Valet Spa.

We take pride in the services we offer our clients while also helping provide them with entertainment in the process. Our team loves caring for our customers’ cars. However, we extend this appreciation further by locating our business in areas that satisfy and entertain them while they wait.

To learn more about our services, premium locations, and how we can help you care for your vehicle, contact the friendly and professional Valet Spa team today!