The value of your starts to depreciate the moment it leaves the dealership showroom. It’s no secret that a car loses its value over time but how you take care of your car can have a significant impact on its resale value. A spotless interior and exterior combined with low mileage can make it easier to sell your car at a great price.


Determination of the Value of a Used Car

There are two primary factors to determine the value of a used car. The first one is mileage. Higher mileage means that a car has experienced more wear and tear. The less wear and tear, the less need for repairs. The engine and transmission components of a vehicle gradually reduce in quality as more mileage is accumulated.

If a vehicle has reached a certain mileage mark, problems begin to occur, and it will require more maintenance for the owner. Some components become faulty, and the transmission will start to leak. Car repairs are costly, so you want to avoid them as much as possible.

The next factor in determining the value of a used car is the vehicle’s condition. The condition refers to the interior, exterior, and engine. A used car must show no visible signs of damage. A spotless interior can also improve the value of the used car.

The vehicle condition is ranked according to four categories: outstanding, clean, average, rough, and damaged. Your goal is to have an outstanding and clean car if you want to get the maximum value for your used car.


What is Auto Detailing and Why Do You Need One?

If you decide to sell your car, mileage is one factor that you have no control over. The longer you’ve had the car, the higher the mileage. 

But one aspect that can impact the value of a used car that you can control is the vehicle’s condition. Auto detailing is one of the services used by used car owners to improve the appearance and value of a vehicle when selling it. 

Auto detailing is a service meant to improve the appearance of a vehicle. The service aims to achieve the best aesthetics for the vehicle through car washing, paint protection, paint correction, window replacement or repair, wheel repairs, etc. 

Most people think of auto detailing as a more extensive car wash. However, it is far from that because it includes the interior and exterior. It requires more than just getting rid of the dirt and grime that collected on the vehicle’s body. Auto detailing helps to make your car look brand new with a spotless interior and exterior.

auto detailing companies use advanced technology and products that protect the paint


How Detailing Helps Improve the Car Value

There are several steps to preparation you should make if you want to sell your used car. One of them is to take your car into an auto detailing shop. This type of service is affordable, and it is a good investment because it can restore your car to make it look and feel brand new.

Before you meet up with a prospective buyer, you must get your car detailed by a professional because it can impact the car’s resale value. But how does auto detailing help you sell your car faster and to dollar?

Restore and Improve Paint

The quality of the car’s paint is integral to the value determined for a used car. Car paint is also one of the first things potential buyers notice about a car. Therefore, they can choose to pursue the sale based on their initial impression of the vehicle.

Several factors can impact the quality of a car’s paint. Acid rain is one of them. The dirt and debris that accumulate on the body of your vehicle can also affect the quality and aesthetic value of the car paint. Even a minor scratch on the paint can create a flawed and imperfect look. And buyers don’t want any imperfections.

A skilled and professional auto detailer can restore the vehicle paint using a paint correction process. It does not mean your car will be repainted. The auto detailer will remove any signs of imperfections like swirl marks, paint scratches, and marring, to give the paint a showroom finish.

Aside from restoring the paint and fixing imperfections, a professional auto detailing service can also protect your car paint. The vehicle is exposed to various environmental factors, like sun and rain, which could diminish the paint quality. Fortunately, auto detailing companies use advanced technology and products that protect the paint and keep it looking brand new for longer. One example of this is the use of the ceramic coating. This coat bonds with the vehicle surface on a molecular level to protect the paint against UV light, extreme heat, corrosion, and scratches.

Spotless Interior

An aesthetic exterior creates a good impression of your used car, on potential buyers. However, the interior is critical in improving your car’s resale value. A car interior must not only be clean; it should be spotless, too.

A clean and well-maintained interior is important because this is where the new car owner will spend most of their time. You need to care for and restore the upholstery and car seats, as well as making sure it is vacuumed and steam cleaned. A professional auto detailing service can clean the nooks and crannies of the interior.

Polished Rims

Maintaining a beautiful car interior and exterior is vital when selling your used car. However, do not overlook the rims as it is one of the first things people notice about your car.

A professional auto detailing service can wash, clean, and polish your rims to make them look brand new. If you’ve had those rims for a long time, they are probably faded and worn. You can restore those rims to their former glory with a trip to the auto detail shop.

Is it a Worthy Investment?

A professional auto detailing service is an essential investment when selling your used car. But is it a worthy investment?

The answer is yes. The cost of auto detailing varies depending on the package you get. On average, it will cost $80 to $250. That is a small price to pay if you can get the maximum resale value on your used car.